This year’s RogLab Open: Active Aging initiative that aims to draw the attention of both designers and the public to the needs of the elderly, drew 30 entries from around the world, with the selection committee choosing 5 winners!
On Tuesday, July 9, from 5 pm to 8 pm, you’re welcome to join our training in the independent use of the laser cutter. Taking part in a training lesson is obligatory for all who wish to use it independently on Open Days.

Our Saturday workshops for children and teenagers are designed to promote the creative use of technologies.The working process will lead children through the basics of technologies as well as different artistic and creative practices that will help them build their own product to take home. Saturday workshops are a joint program of partner cultural organisations.

Here you can find the Rog Centre development vision and new plans for future Rog Centre.

RogLab was awarded the 2018 Eurocities Award for Innovation.

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