3d workshop - machines

Vinyl cutter by Summa: SummaCut D60R

With this cutter, we can create single colour stickers from vinyl foil and/or cut to shape previously printed stickers. We can also use the cutter to cut paper or copper foil.

The maximum width of the stickers cannot exceed 60 cm; however, their length can be practically unlimited.

The shape of the cutout needs to be set in a format supported by Adobe Illustrator.

CNC cutter: CNC USA Step S720

This cutter can be used to create different shaped models out of softer materials (e.g. wood, plastic) and/or soft metals (e.g. aluminum). The models are created by removing material from the chunk of material we start off with. A piece of the material from which we want to create the final product is placed into the machine (of course, the piece needs to be larger than the final product). The machine uses a fast rotating tool, not dissimilar to a drill, to cut the desired shape.

This cutter can be used to produce anything from models of buildings, streets or settlements or even a 3D picture (profile) that can be created from a 2D picture or painting with the use of different software.

Models can measure up to 720 x 420 mm in and 110 mm in height.

The entry data is CNC code, which is generated from a 3D computer model.

3D printer: Orthotype creator

This machine works by adding a layer of material. It smelts the ABS wire and applies it evenly, layer by layer, onto the work surface. With this, we obtain products of various shapes (see picture).

The final product can measure up to 220 x 220 x 240 mm in size.

The best input data for the machine is provided in STL format (in STL, the surface of the model/prototype is composed from small triangles). However, any standard 3D modelling software format can be used, as it will be transformed into STL format in RogLab.

3D printer Witbox

Laser cutter

Embroidery machine by Bernina: Bernette 340

This machine enables multicoloured embroidery on textile products. The pattern can be brought on a USB memory stick or memory card, from which it can then be transferred directly onto the machine, where it can be additionally altered if so desired. We can also embroider sleeves or trouser legs, for it has a small embroidery hoop especially created for such tasks.

The pattern can measure up to 200 x 140 mm.

Software partially sponsored by the company Singer Service d.o.o.

T-Shirt Press Eltron SP-15LP2

- working surface 380x380 mm

- operating temperature 0 ~ 399 °C

- time and temperature are set digitally

- opening buffers

Badge manufacturing machine Eltron 500-37

Machine for manufacturing badges with a diameter of 37mm