RogLab is a creative hub established in 2012 as part of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana (MGML). As a collaborative platform providing an encouraging environment for creators with its 3D workshop, RogLab responds to the challenges of today’s society and the urban environment by producing creative projects, while broadening the scope of its programme through a network of partner institutions. RogLab, Slovenia’s first public maker lab, gives creatives of all ages access to production tools and encourages the innovative use of maker technologies.In 2018, it received the prestigious Eurocities Innovation award.


RogLab is situated at the corner of Petkovškovo nabrežje Riverbank, Rozmanova Street and the Šempeter Bridge in Ljubljana. Our street address is: Petkovškovo nabrežje 67.


Programme, Parnerships:
Meta Štular, General Manager
+386 (0)31 313 558
General information, FabLabNet project:
François Friderich, Project Manager - FabLab Network
+386 (0)70 551 958

Media relations
Haba Cirman, media relations, web contents

3D-workshop (Trainings, Open Day, Develoment of Prototypes):
Tomo Per, Fab Manager
+386 (0)40 988 011

FabBox programme:
Staš Vrenko, Mentor

Saturday Workshops 
Ivana Osećanski Despić, Mentor

Ivan Turk, Mentor, RPS

Zelimkhan Suleymanov, Mentor



Rog Centre pilot project

RogLab is conceived as a production, educational and presentation space in a 30 m²‑container object. It acts as a mini-hub for creatives with an emphasis on providing access to production tools. RogLab’s goal is to develop and test content, partnerships and working modalities on a small scale, which could in turn go on to find a permanent place, continuation and upgrade in the newly established Rog Centre.
Roglab is dedicated primarily to activities in the fields of architecture, design and contemporary art, but it also focuses on cross-sector collaboration with institutions in the fields of education, science, economy, environment and urbanism. An integral part of RogLab is its maker lab, which offers technology and services for rapid prototyping, supporting creativity and stimulating professional development.

RogLab’s programme focuses on offering production tools; on stimulating creative use of 3D technologies; and on supporting makers on their creative path, whether they’re professionals or DIY enthusiasts; and on creating projects with an emphasis on social and environmental responsibility. It is open to a wide spectrum of users, from students and professional makers and researchers to creative hobbyists of all ages.

In the maker lab, users take part in training sessions to earn licenses in the independent use of maker technologies, while providing a budget-friendly collaborative space at Open Days for those looking to produce rapid prototypes and functional models on a smaller scale. Workshops for adults and kids are an opportunity for RogLab to reach a wider audience curious about 3D technologies, while the space itself is always open for informal get-togethers, experimentation and an exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience.
RogLab’s programme is developed in collaboration with private enterprises, NGOs and various institutions in the fields of culture, research and education. Our team of mentors is highly skilled in the field of digital making, and our collaboration with our network of partners gives us access to experts in a wide range of fields, from design, art, architecture and technology, enriching our programme and widening our user base. If you’re interested in joining us, become one of our partners!