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CNC milling machine: CNC STEP USA S720

This cutter can be used to create different shaped models out of softer materials (e.g. wood, plastic) and/or soft metals (e.g. aluminum). The models are created by removing material from the chunk of material we start off with. A piece of the material from which we want to create the final product is placed into the machine (of course, the piece needs to be larger than the final product). The machine uses a fast rotating tool, not dissimilar to a drill, to cut the desired shape.
This cutter can be used to produce anything from models of buildings, streets or settlements or even a 3D picture (profile) that can be created from a 2D picture or painting with the use of different software.
Models can measure up to 720 x 420 mm in and 110 mm in height.
The entry data is CNC code, which is generated from a 3D computer model.

Technical characteristics

Drive: 4 stepping motors by 4,2 A
2 motors on x axle for constant tension and pressure
Poles:  X and Y axis: 22 mm / Z axis: 16 mm (axes are grinded and hardened superficially on 61 HR)
possibility of mounting long pieces because there is no driving belt at the end of axis X
ball bearing on both sides of axis X and Y
Working speed: about 3000 mm/min
Maximal travelling speed: 4.000 mm/min
Technical resolution: 0,003 mm ( 1/10 Step)
Reverse deviation max: +/- 30 µm ( 0,03 mm)
Table size / fixing surface: 1050 x 510 mm
X = 720 mm; Y = 420 mm; Z = 110 mm
reference and restrictive switch on all side
Safety: safety stop switch
Size (including motors), length x width x height: 1050 x 690 x 575 mm