Recycled tote bag

Workshop for adults and children (12+)



Transform the single-use plastic bags that are crowding your drawers into a sustainable tote, made out of her single-use cousins. At the workshop, we’ll help you create a durable shopping bag, a purse or a phone case that will last a number of years.


You’ll use a fabric press to bind single-use plastic bags into a thicker material from which you’ll create your recycled bags. You can craft them into a patterned fabric by stacking coloured plastic together, and later cut them using a laser cutter. Using a press and a sewing machine, you’ll create unique sustainable objects.

You’ll get to take your very own sustainable bag with you after the workshop is concluded.

Duration: 3-4 hours
Number of participants: 8
Skills required: none
Goal: making a bag, purse or phone case
Activities: cutting, recycling, sewing, planning
Material: disposable plastic bags, thread
Tools: laser cutter, fabric press, sewing machine
Workshop author: Nuša Jurkovič

To apply, fill out the form below. We accept application until capacity. Every organisation can select one workshop and another as a backup. Enter your data into the application form with three dates that would suit you most. We will try to accommodate your wishes as best we can, and will contact you if the dates suggested will not work out. Organisations will be chosen at a first come, first serve basis and their geographic location.


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