Companies – we are helping you to find creative design solutions for your products!


The aim of the programme A 0,00X million Euro Idea is to connect the client and the creator in searching for solutions for concrete design challenges and, through this, stimulate collaboration between the creative sector and companies.

Collaboration Mode
1.    The client presents the design challenge and offers a symbolic award for the idea concept for the problem solution (e.g., 0,0025 mil. Euros or 2,500 Euros). The client pays to RogLab 20% of the value of the competition award for organisational costs.
2.    RogLab announces the competition and mediates it through its communication channels and partner network (educational, research and cultural institutions, companies, NGOs…) to target groups.
3.    The client chooses and awards one idea concept among the received and reviewed applications. In case the client also wishes to realize the idea concept or to produce it serially, the client and the author make further negotiations and contract agreements independently.

Why Take Part?
1.    RogLab reaches, via its partner network, to various creative individuals (designers, architects, artists, students, innovators, engineers, etc.), among whom might be your future collaborator.
2.    You may obtain the idea for a design improvement of your product for a relatively small investment, at once increasing the product’s competitiveness.
3.    Through this collaboration, you are supporting RogLab as well as innovation-oriented creativity and knowledge transfer.

Additional Offer (The price of partner services is not included in organisational costs.):
1.    If so agreed, RogLab may help you, in collaboration with experts from our partner network, to make the choice of the best idea solution. The client covers the fees of the expert jury.
2.    If you wish to obtain a 3D prototype of the idea concept, RogLab can support its production.