Organized bY Muslauf


The call is closed.

Grab hold of the opportunity to design and create a unique bicycle lamp, with the possibility of developing it into a limited series working product in cooperation with other creators and experts.

Send your ideas and sketches to by 25.3.2013. The authors of the most promising ideas will be awarded free participation in the creative workshop and receive a free sample of their unique bicycle lamp. All other candidates can participate in the workshop under the general terms and conditions of the workshop.


Muslight workshop in RogLab.Photo: Tilen Sepič

Muslight workshop in RogLab.Photo: Tilen Sepič


Design Process


Facebook group – between 20th March and the end of March.

The best ideas will be developed as a joint effort at the workshop, the first stage of which will take place in the framework of the Muslight group on Facebook. The participants will actively participate in the process of creating a product, the emphasis of which will be placed on prototyping with a 3D printer.

The creation of the lamp also includes the development of internal electronics, defining a more precise user experience, an on/off switch and additional functions (brightness), etc. The workshop will continue with the development of the casing, the emphasis of which will be placed on the possibility of easy mounting onto various bike types and models. The result of the development process will be published as we go along on


Practical Workshop – first week of April.

In the first week of April, we will move to RogLab, where we will test the most promising models on a 3D printer, and the best one will be developed in a limited series of 10 working products that will be printed/assembled at the end of the workshop.


All participants will keep their products.

This challenge is a part of the Musday Programme, which will take place at RogLab on 11th April between 3 pm and 9 pm.