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Please find the winning prototype here.

Do you have a good design idea but are not sure how to make it happen? Don’t leave it to rot in the back drawer, for we can help your imagination become a business reality, and we will do this for absolutely free!



Describe or draw your idea, in brief, in long-winded detail or in any other way you like. The main thing is that you believe in it and that we receive it by February 28th, 2013. In cooperation with our partner RPS and Gregor Žavcer, a startup expert, we will choose the most promising idea and help you develop it to the level of a professional prototype. However, we will not stop there. We will also help you prepare a business model for marketing your product. You will have the opportunity to participate in a series of six startup design workshops that will take place in RogLab in the Spring, once again, free of charge.

Please send your proposal by February 28th to the following address: