Presentation of the 3D scanning process

Performed by FRI


3D scanning is a process in which the form of an object is digitally scanned so that we obtain an outline of the surface area, which leads to much faster modelling. You are invited to join us at RogLab on Friday, 26th April, from 1 pm till 3 pm for a presentation of the process. The presentation will be performed by the Faculty of Computer and Information Science.

Photo: Valtteri Wikstrom

Photo: Valtteri Wikstrom

What are active 3D scanners? What types of 3D scanning are available? What can they be used for and in what characteristics do they differ? 

These and similar questions will be answered through the use of an Artec MHT 3D scanner. The Artec MHT not only records the 3D shape, but also scans the texture of the surface and creates a model while scanning the object. We will get acquainted with its advantages and limitations, which can also be applied to similar 3D scanners. We will also discuss passive methods of 3D cognition (such as photogrammetry for instance), which are much more affordable and in certain cases give similar or even better results. The entire process of scanning and modelling will be demonstrated with the use of a small object.

We welcome everyone with an interest in new technologies.
The presentation is free of charge. Application and further information: