Integration of the old and new – the example of the Rog factory


Within the international initiative Jane's Walk you are invited to join us on an urban walk for friendlier towns, which will take place at 6 pm on Sunday, 5th May 2013. The walk will start off at Park Tabor, continue along Trubarjeva cesta and end on Petkovškovo nabrežje, and will address the integration of the old and new, with a special focus on the Rog factory. The walk will be lead by the urban sociologist Drago Kos, Ph.D.

Even though some parts of the town are spatially close, they can be extremely distant as regards their identities, social structures and functionality. Trubarjeva cesta, which used to be an old town artery, runs alongside the Rog factory, however they seem to be two totally different spaces. The parallel Ilirska ulica took over most of the vehicle transport which made it possible for Trubarjeva cesta to become a tourist walking zone. Regardless of its excellent riverside location and the numerous and diverse initiatives the Rog factory still does not have an appropriate role in the town. A walk along this area will thus inevitably expose the problem of connecting historical, structural and functionally different spaces, renewing and establishing old and new flows, the problems of integrating the town fringes and the lack of connections between the old and the new.

Meeting point: The fountain in Park Tabor (6pm)
Map of the walk

The walk is organised in cooperation with the Centre for Spatial Sociology at the Faculty of Social Studies and the Institute for Spatial Policies.

Photo: Matevž Paternoster, 2010

Photo: Matevž Paternoster, 2010

The urban Jane’s Walks are guided walks through town quarters that raise awareness as regards the importance of walking on everyday errands and give the feeling that the pedestrians can have a say on the organisation of the town. They aim to connect inhabitants with their neighbours and with their neighbourhood and encourage the feeling of belonging to the area in which one lives. The walks also open up the possibility for discussing the problems faced by the inhabitants every day, and enable the formation of initiatives on how to make the neighbourhoods more attractive and pleasant living environments.

Jane's Walk is an international project that started in Toronto in 2007 as a memorial to the urbanist theoretician and activist Jane Jacobs (1916-2006).

This year’s Jane's Walk in Slovenia is organised for the third year running by the Institute for Spatial Studies in cooperation with numerous local partners.

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