Organised by LCN - Muslauf and TM priboljški


Members of Ljubljana Cycling Network, the cultural cycling society Muslauf and TMpriboljški are organising Musday, an educational cycling event where you will learn about the work process behind the making of bicycle equipment, such as cycling bags and cycling lights. The event will take place on 11th April. While participating in the workshops, the visitors will also be learning how to develop a design product and use 3D printing technology, and during the day they will have Muslauf bicycles at their disposal and will be given concrete advice for making or reworking their own bicycles. Once the workshops are finished, we will watch a bicycle-themed film that will be projected onto the RogLab wall. Musday will end with an evening ride through the streets of Ljubljana.

Musday programme
15:00 Start of the event, welcoming the participants
16.00 Ecocycle bag workshop and Muslight workshop
19:00 Evening bicycle ride through town
20:00 Film projection of a bicycle-themed film at Muslauf workshop (Celovška street 50)


Ecocycle bag workshop
At the Ecocycle bag workshop, you will create your own cycling bag from used plastic bags that you will bring with you. On average, it will take you between two and three hours to make one bag. The workshop is aimed at cyclists and creative people, and at the workshop you will also get a chance to take a look at a unique multipurpose cycling bag that was created over the past few weeks especially for this occasion.

No previous experience or special tools are necessary.

Application and further information:

The participation fee is 5 EUR, which is to be settled at the event.

Mentor: The workshop is prepared and led by Tjaša Mavrič, architect and designer, who operates under the trademark TMpriboljški.


Muslight workshop

At the Muslight workshop, we will jointly assemble bicycle lights from previously printed 3D casings, into which we will – with the help of electronics students – place LED diodes, circuits and batteries. Hand skills are desirable.

The eight participants of the workshop have been chosen through the Creative challenge tender. The participants will keep the lights, and the visitors will be able to observe the entire manufacturing process as well as try out the lights in practice once we set off on our evening ride through town.

The workshop will be led by industrial designer Tilen Sepič.