My Number Plate – A workshop for bicycle number plates

Organised by the Designers Society of Slovenia


On Saturday, May 25th, at 10:00, you are invited to RogLab to join us at a children’s workshop aimed at beautifying bikes with totally unique “number plates”. Everybody will develop their idea into a final product in their own way, under the watchful eyes of the two mentors, of course, who will make sure you end up with a perfect product. The mentors will also show you how to use modern technologies. During the workshop, a bicycle repair shop will be set up in front of RogLab.

Photo: Anka Štular

Photo: Anka Štular

My Number Plate is a workshop at which children create a product through the use of their imagination and creativity. They learn about the importance of recognisability, marking and the advantages of modern technologies. They can give their bike a personal mark so that they can recognise it from afar, regardless of the number of bikes surrounding it.

Every child will receive a coloured acrylic glass number plate measuring 15 x 8 cm. They will also receive a piece of paper on which they will draw their own number plate. We will scan the drawing onto reflective foil and stick it to the number plate. Together, we will attach the number plate to the bike.

During the workshop, the children will learn about the basics of creativity and the design process – from the idea to the final product. They will see their idea realised and experience the power of their creativity. They will create a product of their own!

Who is the workshop intended for?

Target group: children cyclists, ages 6 to 10.

Previous knowledge: no previous knowledge is necessary.
The participants should bring with them: their bike, good will, can also have the idea prepared in advance.

Workshop duration: 2 hours.

Application and further information:
The workshop is intended for all generations. Due to the limited number of applicants, you will need to apply in advance. Participation fee: 5 Eur. To be paid on arrival.

With the workshop, we will be a part of the Cycling Festival 2013, which will take place in Ljubljana between May 24th and 26th.


About the mentors
Mateja Panter, a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, operates as an independent creator in the field of architecture, interior design, products and graphics, and creative counselling and is a professional publicist. She has presented her work at Salone Satellite in Milan, Re:design Europe in Berlin, World Design Capital in Helsinki and at numerous solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia. In 2009, she was elected president of the industrial design section at the Designers Society of Slovenia. She is an interdisciplinary artist who works with partners in various fields and with various skills and establishes various platforms upon which projects with added value are developed.

Anka Štular is an independent designer, co-creator of the trademark Skarabej and head of the Krearna studio, the main advantage of which can be found in the dynamic cooperation of this small collective with numerous partners operating in similar fields. She works in a broad field ranging from corporate visual communication to designing spaces and products. She believes that good design enables a clear and peaceful message, which should encourage communication as we should not remain merely passive users in an environment of increasingly present visual addresses.