A selling exhibition: I remember …

Organised by NTF


On Museum Night, June 15th, at 6 pm, we will open the selling exhibition of the Textile and Clothes Design students from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana. We will present clothes and souvenirs on the theme of Emona, all of which were designed and developed by the students with the help of their tutors from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, and created at the workshop which will take place in RogLab a week prior to the exhibition.

Emona Floorplan by Tea Bažon

Emona Floorplan by Tea Bažon

The collection of souvenirs “I remember …” emerged in cooperation between the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering and RogLab. Students have designed various products on the theme of antiquity Emona and its cultural heritage, which is in many ways still present in the characteristics of the town of Ljubljana. The souvenirs are designed in such a way that their narration, usefulness and price are suitable for selling in museum shops.

The innovatively designed products co-create the identity of the Ljubljana museums and add to the tourist offer. Their original concept from the idea to the realisation is accompanied by good packaging, graphics and presentation in the shop, where the jewellery and fashion accessories, created with a three dimensional printer, CNC machine and an embroidery machine and some other textile techniques, will be presented together with clothes, also designed on the theme “I remember …”