Museum gift shop souvenirs - Workshop

Organised by RogLab and NTF


Textile and Clothes Design students from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at the University of Ljubljana have developed original souvenirs on the theme of Emona. With the help of RogLab technicians they will create them during a one week long workshop and you will be able to see their products at the selling exhibition entitled I remember

Tina Gorkič

Tina Gorkič

The project of designing souvenirs for museum gift shops was encouraged by the two thousand year anniversary of Emona, the Roman settlement upon which present day Ljubljana is built. Under the mentorship of Marija Jenko, Karin Košak, Elena Fajt and Tanja Kočevar the students of Textile and Clothes Design designed various original souvenirs based on the lives in antiquity Emona – fashion accessories that they will produce with the help of RogLab experts. The students have adjusted their ideas to the technology they will have at their disposal: a three-dimensional printer, a CNC machine and an embroidery machine.

The use of advanced tools has led to a new view on products in museum gift shops and new ideas in their design and use. The various modern materials, including fabrics, can be creatively used for modern jewellery and other fashion accessories that will obtain various stories and meanings within the memory context, both of which are essential for the existence of any souvenir.