Free consultation in the field of intellectual property

Regional Center for Creative Economies


Free personal consultation in the field of intellectual property for the creative industry (trademarks, models, copyrights, etc.) is provided by RogLab services. This service is provided by the Regional Center for Creative Economies (RCCE) and the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office (SIPO).

Photo: Nada Žgank

Photo: Nada Žgank


An experienced team of experts from the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office will help you find answers to your questions regarding the field of intellectual property. Knowing your intellectual property rights will lead to:


Free operation on the market: by protecting trademarks, inventions, models and copyrights, you will protect your intellectual property rights and avoid any potential lawsuits by third parties.

The legal protection of your rights, which will prevent any copying of your products/services and any abuse of your business secrets and copyrights. Knowing your intellectual property rights will also lead to the assertion of those rights in the event that they are unlawfully manipulated.

Additional income obtained through licensing, sales or other transactions connected to intellectual property rights.

Establishing strong trademarks: protection and use of intellectual property when introducing new products to the market or when used for market communication, establishing your reputation or as a sign of credibility.

Obtaining financing and venture capital: you can set a value to trademarks, models and patents and use them in your negotiations and in your search for financing.



You can apply for a personal consultation by filling in the application form at least three working days prior to the consultation and sending it to: