Workshops for startup creatives


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Startup.Design is a series of lectures and workshops suitable for all creative individuals who are considering a unique route and developing a new product/service that will change the world. The programme will practically and concisely present the entire process, from the development of the idea to entry into the market, as well as show you how to approach possible investors. At the workshops, you will learn about good practices, discover which basic tools are appropriate for startups and gain an insight into the process of developing a business idea. The workshop will also make you realise that the rules can be broken only once you know them, and that this can consequentially lead to much improved results.

Regular attendance is desired, for this is the only way in which we will be able to achieve our desired goal. No previous knowledge or concrete business ideas are necessary – you only need to bring your positive energy and the desire to create.
The programme will be headed by Gregor Žavcer and carried out in cooperation with several guests and the Hekovnik startup school.The programme is subsidised by the Second Chance project.


Workshops: Every Monday 5 pm – 8 pm, starts on March 25th, 2013.
Location: RogLab




1. Greetings world! (March 25th, 2013)

How to start? What is a startup? What are the main trends? What is a business model and how do you come up with one? The main issues that demand answers will be presented already at the first, introductory workshop. You will get acquainted with the basic terminology as well as get an overview on how the business idea is developed and first tested on the market.

Key words and contents: startup, business model, social-local-mobile, business model canvas, lean startup, customer development, shared value.


2. Long live the business model! (April 8th, 2013)

Forget about the business plan, the business model is the only thing that matters in a startup. How do you create value and who do you offer it to? What are your key activities and means, and which partners are the most important? The workshop will help you prepare a business model canvas and develop the first working hypothesis that you will try out on the market.


Key words: business model canvas, value proposition, customer segments, freemium, long-tail, multi-sided, peer-to-peer marketplaces.


3. What is your story? (April 15th, 2013)

Tell me your story and I will tell you who you are. The story behind the product, service or trademark is becoming increasingly important, especially in the “overcrowded” industries. A good story can present a key competitive advantage. At the workshop, you will consider your story and design an appropriate trademark. In the practical part of the workshop, you will focus on preparing your first marketing material, i.e. the pitch.


Key words: storytelling, personas, value proposition canvas, brand development, pitch.


4. Slim and attractive for the first date with the market (April 22nd, 2013)

Even though one swallow does not a summer make, “lean startup” and “MVP” are the talk of the summer. What does this mean and how can it help you? Save time and money and enter the market with the smallest scope of the product/service, with which you can then address the first potential users and gain important information for its further development.


Key words: lean startup, minimum viable product (mvp), validated learning, build-measure-learn loop, four steps to epiphany.


5. Houston, we have a problem! (May 6th, 2013)
One of the characteristics of a good startup is constant learning from mistakes and trying out new hypotheses in the desire to create the best user experience and value of the service or product. Mistakes are desirable, mistakes are welcome and make us stronger – if we learn from them, of course.


Key words: customer discovery, customer validation, pivot, viral loop, vanity metrics.


6. Into the brave new world (May 13th, 2013)

The final workshop is aimed at learning about the various possibilities for growth and raising funds for future development – from the use of “crowdfunding” solutions such as to entering incubator programmes to addressing potential investors. Through a discussion with the guests, we will learn about the concrete possibilities for future development, and the invited guests will reveal what the potential investors want to see before they sign a check for One Milion EUR.


Key words: bootstrapping, startup incubator, crowdfunding, Kickstarter, venture capital (VC).

Capacity: Maximum of 8 participants



We will accept applications until March 15th, 2013 or until all positions are filled.

Send your application form to the following e-mail:

The candidates with the most promising ideas/projects will be accepted into the educational programme.


The price for the entire course: 50 EUR.

The price of a single workshop: 10 EUR.
No participation fee will be collected from RogLab programme partners.