Children's Workshop Light Objects with Natan Esku

New Year's gift of Lighting Guerrilla and RogLab


On Saturday, December 20, between 10 am and 1 pm, you are cordially invited to a children's creative recycling workshop with versatile artist Natan Esku, where the young artists will designing simple lighting objects from discarded things by using the polymer mass.

We live in an era of excessive consumption that causes our habitats to become megalomaniac waste landfills. Therefore, it is only natural that recycling is emerging as the most popular means of raising awareness about an environmentally friendly way of life. At the workshop we will change the purpose of old objects by transforming them into simple lighting objects. Children will under the surveillance of an experienced mentor and with the help of polymer mass, change useless items into creative DIY lamps for your home and also learn the basics of recycling.
In order to make available as many items as possible, we ask all interested to browse their garages or attics and bring to the workshop varied clutter (jams, Lego blocks and other small junk).

Free workshop is New Year's Gift from Festival Lighting Guerrilla and RogLab. It is aimed at primary school children. Previous knowledge or special skills aren’t needed, a snack will be provided.

Application and additional information:
Due to the limited number of places, you need to apply in advance.