Long live comics 14!

Organised by Viva Comix and Stripburger


RogLab again provides the opportunity for seven participants of the Long Live Comics! competition to create their own comic T-shirts at a free workshop that will take place on Saturday, April 19, 2014. The workshop will be led by David Krančan. Take a look of last year's impressions here, and come visit us on Saturday around 2 p.m. to check this year's results.

Musical Renovation of the City. Author of the comic: Kazimir Plesničar, Ljubljana.

Musical Renovation of the City. Author of the comic: Kazimir Plesničar, Ljubljana.

Long Live Comics! is an annual competition that awards prizes for comics and animations created by elementary and secondary school pupils from Slovenia and northern Italy (Furlania). The competition is organised by the Italian association Viva Comix and the editorial board of Stripburger magazine, which is published by Forum Ljubljana. Each year, the competition presents one Slovenian and one Italian comic book author and offers their comic book characters to the participants as inspiration. This year, the main roles were given to Kaja Avberšek's Singing King and to Stefano Ricci's Mysterious Ball, a character created especially for this competition. The final part of the project is represented by the exhibition of the works created by the participants and the award ceremony. The prizes are awarded by the magazines CicibanCicidoPilStripburger, 2 Reels – Association for Reanimation of Storytelling and RogLab.

The organisers received 425 comics created by 484 pupils from 46 schools in Slovenia. In two schools, 12 Slovenian pupils created 3 short animated films.

On March 28, the jury consisting of Kaja Avberšek (author), Paola Bristot (professor and president of the Viva Comix association), Igor Prassel (director of the Animateka festival) and Katerina Mirović (member of the Stripburger editorial board) selected the winners.

The exhibition of competition entries will be on display at Trubarjeva Hiša Literature until May 9. The exhibition of Kaja Avberšek's and Stefano Ricci's selected works can be seen at the Museum of Gorenjska until May 5.