One string guitar with an artist Stefan Doepner

Creative Workshop for children and youth


Join us for a creative workshop on Saturday, May 31, between 10 am and 1 pm, and learn how to make one string electric guitar! The workshop will be lead by an artist Stefan Dopener and is aimed at children aged 8 and more. Children will keep their guitar and be able to play it at home via every hifi set or computer speakers. Workshop is part of International Festival Druga Godba accompanying programme.

During the workshop we will build a simple one string electric guitar from a piece of wood, a part of a guitar string, an old relay, and some additional elements. While building the guitar, participants will get a brief insights in to basical physics of generating electronic sounds, and get involved in technical activities: tinkering, soldering, screwing, and drilling. No special skills are needed.

Application and information:
Due to the limited number of available spaces advance application is necessary.

Price and payment method:
The 5,00 EUR participation fee to cover material costs should be settled prior the workshop:
- at RogLab, every Wednesday, from 4 pm to 8 pm
- with an online payment - you will receive all the details after applying