Female Avatars – Virtual and Real Spaces

In cooperation with RAMPA Laboratory


All places at the workshop are taken.


The ČIPke Initiative, RogLab and Rampa Lab are preparing a workshop called Female Avatars – Virtual and Real Spaces under the mentorship of inter-media artist Tank Thunderbird.The participants will learn to modulate objects and animation using the open-code program Blender, and will also acquire knowledge in 3D printing and placing objects into space installations. 


A scene from an installation called s.h.e., by Nataša Teofilović.

A scene from an installation called s.h.e., by Nataša Teofilović.

Workshop Description

After receiving technical training at RogLab, where the participants will attend an introductory class in 3D printer use and in preparing files for printing, they will then participate in a five-day workshop on 3D modeling using an open-code program called Blender. The workshop will be led by the internationally renowned inter-media artist Tank Thunderbird and will take place at RAMPA Lab.

Besides acquiring knowledge in the Blender program’s use, the participants will, together with the mentor, also tackle identity- and gender-related issues in both virtual and real physical spaces vis à vis the level of content. The participants will create their own avatars, which can then be transported into real space, and will design an animated video background. In July, the participants will print a 3D avatar with a 3D printer under the supervision of the technical team at RogLab. After that, in a studio, they will take photographs of their avatars and animated backgrounds with the help of photographer Hana Jošić.

The results of the workshop will be shown at the final exhibition of the ČIPke Initiative in December 2015.

Information and Enrolment

The workshop will be given free of charge. It is designed for female participants and will be given in English. The number of participants is limited; therefore it is obligatory to enrol through an online form. The participants will be able to reserve and confirm their attendance with a deposit of 15 EUR, which will be reimbursed after the workshop concludes. You can bring the deposit every Monday at regular ČIPke meetings between 5 pm and 7 pm at Rampa Lab,  Kersnikova 4 in Ljubljana.

Information and application:

For further Information please visit ČIPke web page.

RogLab, Petkovškovo nabrežje 67, Ljubljana | June 23, 4 pm–6 pm and June 29–July 10, upon request.
RAMPA Lab, Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana | June 24–28, 5 pm–9 pm.