“Crafty builders” 3D modellers

In partnership with RAMPA Lab and CtrlArt 3D studio


In the course of 12 workshops organised at Rampa Lab, young modellers got to know the advanced 3D virtual world under the guidance of graphic designers from the CtrlArt 3D studio. In June,  the most eager participants are enhancing their knowledge in another series of workshops at RogLab, where they are developing their 3D-creations from virtual to physical objects. The cost-free programme has been designed for 12- to 15-year-olds.

“Crafty builders” web modellers at RogLab

“Crafty builders” web modellers at RogLab

In March, workshops about 3D-modelling of the “Crafty builders” animated characters was held at Rampa, including the presentation of the entire production process behind the creation of 3D-animations. In the course of 12 workshops, young modellers have entered the advanced 3D virtual world. In the open-code graphic computer program called Blender, they have created 3D objects, environments, characters and animations, building their own virtual city of the future. After leaving the virtual world they have embarked on the more tangible digital craftsmanship. The most eager modellers fascinated by the “hands-on” approach have got the opportunity to learn and create using advanced digital production machines. At RogLab, they are implementing their virtual 3D creations with the help of the technical team by using a 3D printer, laser cutter and CNC cutter.