Discussion and presentation of prototypes


On Friday, April 3, a discussion Fashion, technologies and physical disabilities will be held at the City Museum in Ljubljana at 6.00 PM, and the results of the one-month online collaboration  process between production centre RogLab from Ljubljana and Open Style Lab from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) within the DESIGN (DIS)ABILITY workshop will be publicly presented. Visitors will learn about the principles, methodology and technology behind the workshop and will participate in an interview with the participants.

Photo from the workshop DESIGN (DIS)ABILITYat the Slovene Etnographic Museum, Photo: Manca Juvan

Photo from the workshop DESIGN (DIS)ABILITYat the Slovene Etnographic Museum, Photo: Manca Juvan



Both RogLab and Open Style Lab are deeply persuaded that human creativity, knowledge and technology should be used to improve the everyday life of ordinary citizens, especially those with special needs. however, we are noticing that the needs of certain groups are not being addressed at all, or at least not in a meaningful way. one such group is people with physically disabilities. In the past 20 years, important progress has been made in the EU and in the US in advocating independent living. however, legislative change recognizing the equal rights of all abilities, has not been followed by any significant cultural change. Although people with physical disabilities comprise 10% of Europe’s population, they are vastly underrepresented in artistic and cultural fields. The percentage of custom-made fashion products for physically disabled people is simply negligible. Similarly, while 12% of the USA’s population has disabilities, the accessibility of clothing is overlooked. Most, if not all, fashion labels designing with people with disabilities in mind are small and disparate.

The fashion industry, mostly based on the ideology of the perfect body and glamour, is therefore especially challenging to connect with and explore in relation to disability. Most accessories available to people with physical disabilities on the market today are utilitarian – either not originally intended for the physically disabled or else designed as basic medical devices. Therefore the aim of the project will be to create attractive, modern and useful fashion accessories for users with disabilities.


The event will be held in English and Slovenian languages ​​with simultaneous interpretation.


Organized by: RogLab, Open Style Lab, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana
Supported by: City of Ljubljana, Embassy of the United States - Slovenia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Partners: Culturemaker Institute, YHD - Association for Theory and Culture of Handicap, Slovene Etnographic Museum, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ljubljana
Media sponsor of the discussion: VideoLectures.NET
Sponsors:  City Hotel LjubljanaParsons School of DesignBema Fabrics (Svet metraže), Tiskarna Grafos, Čevljarstvo Peta
Thanks to: Biserka Kadak Jurak Modelling studio, Julijana Markovinović, Anka Štular, Tomaž Lampe, Tomaž Draž, Mustajbašić Tufik