The Story of the world’s oldest wooden wheel with an axle



The animated movie The Wheel results from a series of creative workshops organized at RogLab during the autumn of 2014.  Children from the Tone Čufar Primary School researched the story of the world’s oldest wooden wheel with an axle, which is exhibited at the City Museum of Ljubljana. Under the mentorship of artists, a curator and teachers, the children invented a story about how the wheel came into being 5,200 years ago and then brought that story to life in an animated movie. 


During the creative process, the children got acquainted with the use of digital creative technologies in connection with cultural heritage. The children were first told the story of the wheel by the City Museum’s Curator for Prehistory Irena Šinkovec, who presented for them what the scenery of the Ljubljana Marshlands, where the wheel was found, must have been like. After that, the children continued with their work at RogLab, where they elaborated what they had learned by creating a storyboard under the mentorship of comic strip creator Andrej Štular in which they depicted an imagined story of the life of the people who invented the wheel 5,200 years ago. Then they conveyed the characters and the objects from their storyboard onto a digital format, when they were then able to cut out motifs with a laser cutter. At that point, they were joined by comic strip creator Matej Lavrenčič, who guided the children through the process of creating a stop-motion movie about the wheel. Then at the end, they created, together with musician Tomaž Grom, the sound for the movie.


Photo: Manca Juvan