Impressions from the presentation of responsive installation


As part of the Museum Summer Night, Vžigalica Gallery presented the responsive installation from the Nature_I Wear Electrified workshop, where participants learned about wearable electronics, programming and hat design. Electrified hats adorned the heads of three techno-heroines, wild hags who know how to tackle wild flowers as well as untamed technology. Every hat endows them with their own unique superpower that masters a certain aspect of nature (biological, technological, human). Each techno-goddess with an identity of her own, one that changes when it comes into contact with the other two. They express their special powers through interactions using sound, sensors, LED lights, speakers, microcontrollers and materials that match their characteristics. The group of participants within the ČIPke initiative took the project as a starting point to explore the meaning of the natural in technologically advanced society.

Co-Production: Rampa Laboratorij – Zavod Kersnikova and RogLab – Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana in the frame Lighting Guerrilla festival 2016

Foto: Damjan Kocjančič