The City of the Future

In cooperation with Tone Čufar Primary School and Stripburger Magazine


Every Thursday afternoon from April to July RogLab is building The City of the Future with young makers from Tone Čufar Primary School. The city, as seen by children in the future, is neither smart nor sustainable, and it isn’t green either. The only people left in the cities on Earth are the poor, while the rich Earthlings have moved to other planets. Led by comic strip author and puppeteer Andrej Štular the children created a storyboard that served as the basis for architectural elements and characters developed using 3D technologies. They are building a model with the support of in-house technicians while recording real city sounds with their phones in their free time. The scenography and individual elements will be used for the stop-motion film they will make with another mentor, animator Andreja Goetz. Both the film and installation will be presented at the exhibition that will commemorate the 55th anniversary of Tone Čufar Primary School.

We are especially grateful to teacher Majda Jurkovič for her contribution and incentive for the project.

Photo: RogLab

Photo: RogLab

The Mentors:


Andrej Štular is an artist who navigates between different domains of art, equally employing the principles of illustration and comics, painting, sculpture, photography and film, puppet design and scenography. He is actively engaged in Nebo Puppet Theatre and the Stripburger comic magazine. Showcased in both solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia he has taken his work to numerous international festivals as well. He has published five solo comic albums: Lustri (Chandeliers, 2000), Kompost (The Compost, 2008), Živa sem! (I’m alive! 2011), Bežimo, svet se podira! (Let’s run, the world is falling!, 2014) and Kronike (Chronicles, 2015). He is a regular mentor at various creative workshops and has received several awards for his work.

Andreja Goetz studied visual communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, where she graduated with a thesis on the original animated film entitled Knjiga te čaka. Poišči jo! (The Book is waiting. Find it!). Since 2009 she has been active within the Slon (Elephant) society for film education, where she organises and conducts animated film workshops for children and youth. As the author of the optical toys text she participated in the creation of the animated film textbook entitled Animirajmo! (Let’s animate!), which was published in 2016 by the National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia. In addition to mentoring she is happy to take on the role of creator of animated films and to concoct, now and then, an animation of her own.