Sobotnice: Creating recycled lighst

Performed by: Trije Kosi


Do you happen to have an old lamp that used to be the sunshine of your life, but doesn't work anymore? Bring it over to RogLab on Saturday, 17 December at 10 AM, and learn how to create a new, recycled one. We'll give you great tips on light repair and show you a few tricks on how to re-design a source of light. You'll probably feel like a professional light designer as your once-broken-beyond-repair lamp gets pimped – by none other than you!

Photo: RogLab

Photo: RogLab

Winters in Ljubljana can be dark, can't they? Accordingly, these days we often take at face value Goethe's cry "More light!" We literally need much more light in the wintertime, as our bodies hunger for Vitamin D and the warmth of summer. So how can we get ourselves well-lit, warm and cosy? Well, by getting ourselves busy, actually! Yeah, let's get very busy with something that's both useful and meaningful in this cold and dark time of the year – let's create some new lamps out of the rusty old ones!


It's you who will come up with ideas for new lamp designs, while we will supply all the needed materials. We have plenty of lamps begging to be repaired that you can work on. But, if you want, you can bring a broken lamp of your own and re-design it. Or even sketch your dream lamp, then create it at the workshop! How about that? In any case, you will learn how to create a recycled electric lamp through drawing, designing, gluing, cutting, etc. For the most part you’ll be using a laser cutter and basic tools like screwdrivers and combination pliers, as well as some hot glue, some screws and some nuts.


While you won't learn how to travel at the speed of light, you can be sure this workshop is light years from boring! Plus it's also a bit adventurous! Why? Because it's not just about cool lamp designs – it's about taming electricity, too, you see! You won't just disassemble and re-assemble plexi and metal parts of lamps, you’ll also learn about electric current, short circuits and the functions of electric cables. You won't just compare the different moods and atmospheres lampshades can create, you’ll also compare the voltage, power (wattage), ecological efficiency, lifespan and heat production of various electric bulbs.


And you're wondering, naturally, what you’ll be taking home from the workshop? Why, your super-duper recycled lamp of course! :)


Come to RogLab and bring some more light into your Ljubljana winter!


Age: 8 +

Date: 17 December at 10 am

How long: 3 hours

Number of participants: 10

Goal: to make an electric lamp

Activities: drawing, designing, gluing

Skills acquired: the basics of electric lamp design

Materials: plexiglass, metals, electric cables

Tools: laser cutter, hot glue, screws

Mentors: Hedvig af Ekenstam, Vanja Gortnar, Tomo Per

Application: Due to the limited number of places you should apply in advance. If you are unable to attend please let us know by Thursday, December 15, so that we can offer your spot to other children. The workshop is free of charge, and snacks will be provided.