Take off! Take in! – training for the creative professions

In cooperation with Zavod Horus


Between 19 April and 5 May RogLab is one of the work stations for young women and men from Bavaria. In the context of the international youth exchange project Take off! Take in!, led by Zavod Horus, they will visit Slovenia to acquire different skills, learn about the local culture and language, and become acquainted with the urban and natural environment. The purpose of the project is to engage the young in a variety of different activities in a new setting to help them identify their true calling and support them in developing new skills and building the knowledge that will allow them to confidently turn a page in their new, independent lives.

Author: Andrej Štular

Author: Andrej Štular

At RogLab we have organised a series of workshops that will offer new insights into new technologies and art techniques under the mentorship of comic book author and puppeteer Andrej Štular, animator and manager of film education programme "Slon" Andreja Goetz, and in-house “multi-technician" Tomo Per. Through the creative process the young people acquire teamwork and co-creation skills that will result in a short animated film. After a month of creative teamwork the participants will be armed with new knowledge and experience that will help them decide where they would like to test their new skills during a one-month work placement.


The project is co-funded by the European Social Fund through the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for the period 2015 to 2019.

In cooperation with Zavod Horus, Andreja Baškovč and Stripburger Magazine.