Cabinet of Wonders at the Bobri Festival

Organized and performed by RogLab


All the places at the workshop are taken!

Are you interested in times long past, miraculous places and curious objects from the past laced with a smidgen of electronics? If so, join us on Saturday, 21 January at 10:00 am at RogLab for a creative workshop, where we’ll use advanced technologies to bring forgotten objects back to life!

Foto: Nika Curk

Foto: Nika Curk


A cabinet of wonders used to be a place where people would collect all sorts of curiosities: from dried insects and stuffed foxes to old coins and odd things from distant times and lands. Today we would call it a museum. At the workshop led by artist David Krančan, master of electronics Janez Cimerman and technical wizard Tomo Per, we’ll get our hands on some curious objects indeed. We’ll conjure up a story using drawings, words and sounds, while learning how to use new maker technologies and electronics.


The creative workshop takes place in the framework of Bobri, the festival of culture and arts education.


Date: 21 January at 10:00 am

Age: 9 +

How long: 3 hours

Number of participants: 8

Goal: present a museum artefact

Activities: drawing, designing, gluing, soldering, laser cutting

Skills acquired: basics of design, presentation of museum artefacts and electronics

Materials: plexiglass, metals, electric cables, paper, wires

Tools: laser cutter, soldering iron, glue gun

Mentors: David Krančan, Janez Cimerman, Tomo Per


In collaboration with Culturemaker Institute and Stripburger magazine.