RESULTS of the competition City for Everyone!

We’ve picked the best ideas


The aim of the competition was to develop products, accessories, spatial interventions and artworks addressing the challenges facing societies today and the concrete needs of end users. We have received 16 project ideas. Sincere thanks to all competitors for their contributions!

Illustration: David Krančan

Illustration: David Krančan


The selection panel composed of Luka Mali – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana; Kristijan Tkalec – Zavod Kersnikova institute (Biotehna, Rampa laboratorij); Karin Košak – Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, UoL; Katerina Mirović – Forum Ljubljana; Meta Štular – RogLab, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana; and François Friderich – RogLab, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, selected three project ideas and decided not to award a fourth prize.

Selected project ideas:

1. Accessories for safekeeping of Shirting clothes (team Shirting)

The project addresses the sustainability challenge in the fashion industry by planning a collection of small practical items that would inform the user about unecological practices related to the way we use clothes; at the same time it provides storage solutions that would allow users to keep track of their clothes and use them more economically. In addition, the development of small accessories would enhance the economic viability of the Shirting project, one that has been bringing the community together already for two years, informing people of the importance of quality clothes and sustainable approaches to clothing.


2. Bicycle accessories for roads and pavements (Tina Mozetič)
The project idea addresses the problem of bicycle obstacles, like pavement edges that are too high or damaged. The author proposes a 3D print of pavement accessories that will allow cyclists to cross the obstacles more easily and at the same time warn others about the (lack of) road safety. The project raises users’ awareness of the problems in their environment while urging them to assume an active role in shaping it.

3. Recycling and manufacture of environmentally friendly clothes (Maja Modrijan)
The project idea is ambitious in its tackling issues related to recycling and the idea of environmentally friendly clothes, proposing ways we can make a contemporary fashion collection fit for women and men of all generations out of used organic fabrics such as grandma’s bedsheets or auntie’s tablecloths. Engaging the community in the collection of waste textiles is an important part of the project, which also compels the wider public to reflect on the unsustainable and environmentally unfriendly consumption of clothing today. 

Reasoning of the selection panel:

In evaluating the project ideas we followed the competition criteria and decided to support the development of those projects that best fulfilled them: a creative approach in the application of 3D technologies, innovation and a clear presentation of the concept and solution, interdisciplinarity, engagement of the end user in the prototype development process, balance between social, economic and environmental aspects, a contribution to the improved quality of life in the city, originality of design, useful value, feasibility and affordability. All three projects raise awareness of the problems of life in the city.

Sincere congratulations to the competition winners. We are looking forward to developing your project ideas, together!