SATURDAY WORKSHOP: Make your own doodling robot



Are you into robots, especially those that could do some of your school work for you? Join us on Saturday, 18 March at 10:00 am at the doodling robot workshop!

Foto: Miha Fras

Foto: Miha Fras

We’ll make a simple robot and give it three legs/pens whose vibrations help the robotic tramp to ramble about on its doodling mission. You will be introduced to the basics of mechanics and electronics, you’ll learn about electromechanical processes and using the laser cutter to make robot parts. By adding cables, using a screwdriver, soldering and combining different components you will learn about electric current, see how an engine works, and learn about basic electronics.


Age: 9–12

Duration: 3 hours                                                     

Skills required: none

Number of participants: 8

Goal: to make a doodling robot

Activities: drawing, designing, gluing, soldering, laser cutting

Skills acquired: basics of design and electronics

Materials: plexiglass, screws, electrical cables, paper, wire

Tools: laser cutter, soldering iron, glue gun

Mentors: Tomo Per and François Friderich