SATURDAY WORKSHOP: Electric Brushy - sold out!



Electric motors for everyone, including the youngest! At this Saturday workshop on 18 November at 10:00 am young girls and boys will take a simple vibration motor and a toothbrush and turn them into their own little electric Brushy of their own design. 

Together they'll venture into a maze, only to be left to their own devices to find a way out. Will they get lost? Depends on the kids, for it is they who will design the maze. In the workshop they’ll learn how a simple electric motor works, the basics of design, how to use a laser cutter and all the programs required to design a labyrinth.

Children should bring an old toothbrush along.

Foto: Tomo Per

Foto: Tomo Per


Age: 6–10

Duration: 3 hours

Number of participants: 10

Goal: journey through the maze with the electric Brushy

Activity: image tracing, soldering, gluing, designing, decorating

Skills acquired: basics in electric motors, modelling

Materials: Plexiglas, wood, decorative materials

Tools: laser cutter, soldering iron, hot glue

Mentors: Tomo Per and Tanja Gawish