SATURDAY WORKSHOP: Make your own fidget spinner



Would you like to have a fidget spinner designed by and for yourself only? Join us on Saturday, 26 August at 10:00 am at the fidget spinner workshop!



Foto: Tomo Per

Foto: Tomo Per

We’ll be making fidget spinners, custom-made by ourselves. We’ll design one suited to our own particular taste and prepare it for cutting before we use the laser cutter to cut and engrave it. Spinners will be made of coloured plexiglass or wood. Children will learn how to use a laser cutter and prepare files for cutting by drawing an image and converting it into cut-ready vector format.


Age: 9–12                                                                                                                            

Duration: 3 hours

Skills required: none

Number of participants: 8

Goal: to make a fidget spinner

Activities: drawing, design, cutting and engraving, computer work

Skills acquired: design basics, working with a laser cutter

Materials: plexiglass, wood, ball bearings

Tools: paper and felt tip pens, laser cutter, computer

Mentors: Tomo Per, Francois Friderich, Tanja Gawish