SATURDAY WORKSHOP: Throbbing NewLED decorations



This Saturday workshop on 16 December at 10:00 am will be throbbing! Girls and boys will solder old CDs into New Year’s decorations that will pulse to sound!

Foto: Tomo Per

Foto: Tomo Per

Participants will learn about the basics of electronics. They will work with condensers, transistors and resistors, and connect them to a sound-activated microphone that reacts to sound by switching on two LED lights. To make sure the ornaments are as diverse as the participants, all makers will design them themselves and cut them out with a laser cutter.

Age: 9–12

Duration: 3 hours

Skills required: None                                                                                   

Number of participants: 9
Goal: to make a throbbing New Year’s decoration
Activities: soldering, drawing, designing, gluing

Skills acquired: the basics of electronics
Materials: electrical cables, LEDs, transistors, resistors, condensers, mini microphone

Tools: soldering iron, glue gun, laser cutter

Mentors: Tomo Per, Tanja Gawish

Price: free