SATURDAY WORKSHOP: Robotic beetles



Are you fond of robots, especially those that are quick and look like real-life small critters? Join us on Saturday, 21 October at 10:00 am, at our robotic beetle workshop!

Foto: Tomo Per

Foto: Tomo Per

We’ll make a simple robot and give it two motorised legs whose vibrations help the robotic tramp to wander about. You will be introduced to the basics of mechanics and electronics and learn about electromechanical processes. By adding cables, using a screwdriver, soldering and combining different components you will learn about electric current, see how an engine works, and learn about basic electronics.

Age: 9–12

Duration 3 hours

Skills required: None                               

Number of participants: 8
Goal: to make a robotic beetle
Activities: drawing, designing, soldering, gluing

Skills acquired: basics of design and electronics
Material: electric cables, electric motors, wires

Tools: soldering iron, glue gun

Mentors: Tomo Per, Boštjan Kobal, Tanja Gawish