This month’s Saturday workshop will light up RogLab with the glow of custom-made badges! If your school bag seems a bit boring, or you feel your winter coat could use a sparkling new addition, join us on Saturday 16 March from 10 am to 1 pm, when we’ll be designing our very own personalised badges and upgrade them with shining LED lights.
Photo: Tomo Per

Photo: Tomo Per

You’ll get to know the ins and outs of using a laser cutter, by using pre-made shapes or creating your own outlines. If you choose to use a template, you’ll also be able to have fun using the foil cutter and sprucing your badge up with a colourful design shaping the foil and gluing it onto the acrylic glass. Your uniquely shaped badges will get a more hands-on treatment with hand-painted shapes using acrylic felt tip pens. We’ll equip the badges with blinking LED lights, get to know the basics of electric circuits and our custom-made pins will light up bright!
Age: 9-12
Duration: 3 hours
Number of participants: 8
Skills required: none 
Goal: creating badges, using the laser cutter and foil cutter, getting to know different materials, getting to know the basics of electronic circuits
Activities: cutting, painting, soldering
Skills acquired: basics of using a laser cutter and foil cutter, basics of soldering
Material: acrylic glass, pins, acrylic felt tip pens, foil, transistors, LED diodes, battery holders, electric vibrator
Tools: laser cutter, foil cutter, glue guns, soldering iron
Mentor and workshop author: Neža Jurman
Price: free of charge

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