Cabinet of Wonders

Cabinet of Wonders
Photo:: Domen Pal

The main theme of the Cabinet of wonders project are unusual and outdated objects, interpreted using modern artistic ways of expression, digital manufacturing technologies and museum methodologies by the participants of the workshop. 

The mentors suggested strange, unusual or technically outdated object to children who have then made up their own stories about them and presented it in drawing, spoken word, sound or light. By doing this, they’ve mastered the use of new manufacturing technologies and electronics. The RogLab project that has connected eleven elementary school children and six mentors for six months every Thursday afternoon, helped the children enter the world of new technologies and project work, while also establishing a critical stance towards digital technologies during the pedagogical proces, and delving into the technological and cultural heritage /RogLab/

About the mentors

Andreja Goetz has a bachelor’s degree in visual communications and works as an educator and movie animator. She’s the head of the Slon (Elephant) educational program and mentors animation workshops for children and youth.

Slavko Glamočanin initially dedicated himself to music, while now he mostly works as a programmer and multimedia explorer who collaborates with many artists as an advisor/consultant.

Tomo Per is a self-taught graphic designer and computer enthusiast. He’s participated in many workshops as an assistant and mentor, while lately he’s working mostly with the RogLab manufacturing laboratory projects.

Anka Štular is an independent multidisciplinary designer who works in the field of integrated visual communications, interior design and product design. She’s received the award of the Designer’s society of Slovenia in 2016 for her work, among others.

Blaž Vurnik achieved his doctorate at the department of history at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, otherwise he’s working as the head of custodiates at the Ljubljana City Museum, where he’s organized several acclaimed exhibitions.

Andrej Štular is a multimedia artist, who is active in various fields of visual art: illustration, comics, video, film, sculpture, painting, photography and puppets. He is regulary exhibiting his works on solo and group exhibitions, participating at international festivals in Slovenia and abroad. He’s active member of Slovenian comic magazine Stripburger and Puppet Theatre Nebo.

Organisation and production

Educational support: Majda Jurkovič and Nika Bobič (OŠ Toneta Čufarja)
Exhibition design: Anka Štular
Co-producers: Lighting Guerilla, RogLab manufacturing laboratory (MGML), OŠ Toneta Čufarja Ljubljana and Zavod Culturemaker



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Digital knowledge that enables us to inform, communicate and solve diverse challenges, is needed by all of us. The current circumstances just further confirm this. Therefore, join us at the All Digital Week between March 23-29.

Remote support and innovative solutions to tackle the Coronavirus outbreak


In times when we are staying at home due to the new coronavirus, new initiatives are emerging. RogLab is now offering free remote support to all users, including those without a valid user fee. European Commission also published a new Open Call in search of technologies and innovations that could help in treating, testing, monitoring or other aspects of the Coronavirus outbreak.

RogLab is temporarily closed


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, open terms and all events are canceled. If you have any questions or need advise, the team of RogLab is available remotely.