competition results


In February 2017, RogLab published the ROGLIGHT creative challenge to find innovative design in creating lamps or lampshades using a laser cutter. 12 selected participants got the chance to transform their ideas into tangible prototypes at RogLab, and 8 of those works were in the running to win the competition.

Foto: Miran Kambič

Foto: Miran Kambič


The purpose of the RogLight competition was to encourage the creative use of laser cutters through the search for a well-designed and useful foldable lamp. The starting off point was simple, since RogLab has, much like any other FabLab, inclusive standards and wishes to encourage everyone to take part. Though the products do resemble objects we may have seen before, this is not surprising considering the amount of existing solutions on the market and that creative minds might sometimes work in similar ways. It’s the challenges that matter, and with each new solution, a new path opens up and research has been made.

The solutions selected during the first round of judging passed the competition’s criteria (flat shapes, use of laser cutter, DIY assembly, using light materials) as well as stand out from the rest of the entries. During the second round, the jury paid more attention to the quality of production, the simplicity of manufacture, packaging and the quality of the overall product. The first three awards were evenly split between:

Andreja Eržen

Round Light

Benjamin Skapin


Tamara Lašič Jurković


The following authors qualified for the final round of judging: Andraž Vrhovšek, Lin Gerkman, Petra Krnc, Sara Lorger in Urška Špeh.

The competition was organised by RogLab - Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana in collaboration with the Museum of Architecture and Design.