RogLab is a multidisciplinary public hub supporting manufacturers and creators in the development of their ideas through cutting-edge technological know-how and infrastructure.


Our machines are the integral part of RogLab: anyone can become a member, and is welcome to use the machine after having passed the training session and paid the user fees.



Every third Saturday of the month, we meet up with our youngest makers for our free Saturday workshops, and then each fourth Tuesday, we host workshops for adults. Our mobile FabBox programme can bring RogLab to your town, too!

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Through trainings and courses, RogLab's mentors will guide and help you confidently use our equipment on your own. Trainings are an obligatory introduction, whereas courses are elective, but warmly recommended addition.

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Upcoming: Introduction to composite structures


The world of composites is extremely vast and diverse, and they are no longer found only in the fancy bodywork of expensive sports cars. Rather, we encounter composite structures in our everyday lives.

GraFEM presents: Street Art for resistance by the women of the Liberation Front (part one)


On this day, we remember the Uprising Against the Occupation and the Liberation Front. As a token of this historic event, we present you with a new edition of GraFEM: rebelion interventions, police curfews, prosecution of protests and activists who dared to write political graffites. 

Digital November 2021 - Call for French makers/designers!


We are looking for a French mentor or team of mentors for a 2-day creative workshop in Ljubljana to be held in November 2021.