RogLab reopens in May

RogLab reopens in May

In May, RogLab is reopening its doors. You can attend one of our training or book our equipment. We are implementing some measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

From Tuesday, May 5, onward, you can visit RogLab again. In order to keep our operations safe, new terms of use apply to the work in RogLab and will be valid until further notice (updated June 24, 2020):

  • There can only be 1 technician and 2 users at a time in RogLab.
  • Safety distance of 1.5 m has to be considered.
  • The use is mandatory.
  • Users should bring their own mask.
  • Entrance to RogLab is at the side, not at the main door.
  • Upon arrival, the user has to disinfect his hands (the disinfectant will be available at RogLab).

May Program

Since only one person will be able to attend the training due to new terms of use, you can contact us for more training terms at

RogLab also continues to offer Remote Support every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 4pm and 8pm. In May and June, Remote Support will continue being free of charge for all.

Further notice

  • For users who paid the user fee before March 13, 2020, the fee will be extended for the time RogLab was closed.
  • Anyone who has experienced a significant decline in income in March and April and did not received any state support can contact us at Depending on availability, we can offer you free training.

We hope to see you soon.

RogLab Team



Open Call for the creation of new educational workshops for adults


RogLab's users want a chance to gain new knowledge in the field of innovative materials and advanced production technologies, which they will be able to apply in their professional work. For this reason, we are looking for external collaborators who are willing to share their knowledge in the form of short workshops or longer courses.

All Digital Week is on


Digital knowledge that enables us to inform, communicate and solve diverse challenges, is needed by all of us. The current circumstances just further confirm this. Therefore, join us at the All Digital Week between March 23-29.

Remote support and innovative solutions to tackle the Coronavirus outbreak


In times when we are staying at home due to the new coronavirus, new initiatives are emerging. RogLab is now offering free remote support to all users, including those without a valid user fee. European Commission also published a new Open Call in search of technologies and innovations that could help in treating, testing, monitoring or other aspects of the Coronavirus outbreak.