Presenting the first edition of GraFEM blog

Presenting the first edition of GraFEM blog

On International Women's Day, we invite you to read the very first edition of the GraFEM blogIt's an online space created as a way of promoting women's graffiti and street art culture! 

We begin with the story with the graffiti artist DEE282, who was the first woman in Slovenia to plow the wasteland in the field of drawing subcultural graffiti. She sprayed her first graffiti on an illegal walls at the age of twenty-one and worked at Guten Tag Crew for a number of years.

Written by Mankica Kranjec.

GraFEM blog is created in co-production with the Urbana Vrana Institute.



Upcoming workshop: Sustainable and Innovative Biomaterials and their Application


Want to learn how to maintain your life habits without creating more waste? We are inviting you to join a workshop on Sustainable and Innovative Biomaterials and their Application.

RogLab is back from Summer Vacation


The Summer is ending and vacations are behind us. We're opening the doors in seek of new adventures. Come and visit us anytime from 12 - 8 pm, we're open from Monday to Thursday. 

RogLab's Summer Vacation


RogLab will be closed between July 19 and August 15, 2020, due to summer vacation.

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