Open Call for the creation of new educational workshops for adults

Open Call for the creation of new educational workshops for adults

At RogLab, we are developing an educational program with a focus on the fields of design, architecture and manufacturing. We want to give our users a chance to gain new knowledge in the field of innovative materials and advanced production technologies, which they will be able to apply in their professional work. For this reason, we are looking for external collaborators who are willing to share their knowledge in the form of short workshops or longer courses.

Do you excel in gardening and are happy to share your seedlings as well as experience with your neighbours? Are you spending a lot of time in your workshop, testing new materials and ways to make textiles from natural fibres? Are technological gadgets somethings that you just cannot resist and need to try them out as soon as they come out? Are you also committed to the values of sustainable design, circular economy and environmental and social justice?

Then this Open Call for the creation of new educational workshops for adults is perfect for you.

You can send us your ideas through the Application Form below.

Deadline for applications: September 15, 2020 

RogLab’s team will carefully review all applications. Those that will respond best to the guidelines of the Open Call and with which our users will be able to develop diverse skills, will become part of RogLab’s regular educational program.

Priority will be given to newly developed workshops.

We will inform you about the selection by October 1, 2020.

You can contact us at if you need any further information.

We are looking forward to your applications!



Upcoming: Screen printing with thermochromic dyes


Thermochromic dyes respond to changes in temperature. Under the influence of elevated temperature, thermochromic dyes change from coloured to colourless or vice versa. 



The Rog factory, where the cult Rog bicycles were produced, is the most important piece of 20th century industrial heritage in Ljubljana. Renovation work on it will begin this year and will be completed by the end of the next year, and will enable the factory’s original function to be preserved.

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