RogLab is back from Summer Vacation

RogLab is back from Summer Vacation

RogLab Team is back in action, eager to face new projects, challenges and even more, we're awaiting your visit.

We're are inviting you to stop by anytime between 12 pm and 8 pm, we're open from Monday to Thursday. 

In order to work in RogLab, you need to fulfil the PCT requirements.

To attend workshops, training or sole independent use of our machines, you need to have one of the following proofs:


-  proof of vaccination against COVID-19

- proof of negative PCR test or quick test against virus SARS-CoV-2, it cannot be older than 48 hours

- proof of positive PCR test that is not older than 10 days,  unless the medical doctor judges otherwise, but it cannot be older than 6 months

- proof of recovery from the COVID-19 virus, issued by a medical doctor


*PCT requirements are not mandatory for people under the age of 12





Upcoming workshop: Sustainable and Innovative Biomaterials and their Application


Want to learn how to maintain your life habits without creating more waste? We are inviting you to join a workshop on Sustainable and Innovative Biomaterials and their Application.

RogLab's Summer Vacation


RogLab will be closed between July 19 and August 15, 2020, due to summer vacation.

Upcoming: Screen printing with thermochromic dyes


Thermochromic dyes respond to changes in temperature. Under the influence of elevated temperature, thermochromic dyes change from coloured to colourless or vice versa. 

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