Rog Centre, Wolfova ulica 8, SI-Ljubljana


07.10.2021 / 16:00 - 20:00


35 EUR (25 EUR*)


Sustainable and Innovative Biomaterials and their Application - SOLD OUT


Scientists against plastic are no longer just an idea - it has become a real-life movement!

A group of scientists, students, designers, artists, and entrepreneurs have come together and are creating and innovating technologies moving us forward to the carbon zero future. 

We are inviting you to join a workshop on Sustainable and Innovative Biomaterials and their Application lead by head "Scientists against plastic" Uroš Novak from the National Institute of Chemistry. 

During the course of the workshop, you’ll get acquainted with natural biopolymers obtained from the processing residues of fruit, vegetables, and/or seaweed and discover their application use in practice. You will gain an insight into the concept "from waste to product", discover the difference between synthetic and natural biopolymers and how they go hand-in-hand with sustainable consumerism. 

The cherry on the top of the workshop will be a practical part where you’ll be able to create your own jewellery or biodegradable packaging for all your coffees and other instant drinks. 



The price of the workshop is 35 EUR

*25 EUR is intended for pupils, students, retirees, and the unemployed. 


The co-producer of the workshop is the National Institute of Chemistry

PCT requirements are in order!

To attend the workshop you need to have one of the following proofs:

-  proof of vaccination against COVID-19

- proof of negative PCR test or quick test against virus SARS-CoV-2, it cannot be older than 48 hours

- proof of positive PCR test that is not older than 10 days,  unless the medical doctor judges otherwise, but it cannot be older than 6 months

- proof of recovery from the COVID-19 virus, issued by a medical doctor


All attendees of the workshop are asked to keep a safe distance, wear a facemask and sanitize hands before and after the workshop (hand sanitiser will be available at the location)

TRR: SI56 0126 1600 0002 804
Name and address: Kreativno središče Center Rog, Trubarjeva 72, SI-1000 Ljubljana 
Purpose of payment: Name Surname 
Reference: 00 21-<datum termina> 

At RogLab at Petkovškovo nabrežje 67, on workdays from 12 pm to 8 pm from Monday to Thursday.

Payment serves as a confirmation of your application.

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