Workshops for adults

Creativity doesn't wane with age, but it does sometimes lie dormant. To give it a bit of a nudge, we organise workshops for adults each fourth Tuesday of the month. On occasion, we also partner up with other organisations for more in-depth lectures and hands-on workshops to do with cutting-edge maker technologies.

Custom T-shirts
/ adults

Join us for a workshop and finally get the prints you’ve always wanted on the exact shirt you like best.

-0 = ∞ / ∞ = 0! A workshop for avantgarde poetry enthusiasts who also enjoy the latest technology.

Electric beetles
/ adults

This workshop will help you create a host of tiny electronic bugs that will scuttle about as you get to know the basics of mechanics and electronics.

The lecture, accompanied by a workshop on the topic of composite structures will present advantages and disadvantages of carbon and other composites, find out how one can make use of them in diverse lines of work and take part in a practical demonstration. The workshop is performed by the company AFormX and organised by RogLab.

Masked ball
/ adults

Create your very own mask for Halloween trick-or-treating, the Mardi Gras parade or your office Christmas fancy dress party! We’ll help you create unique geometric masks from a wide array of animal and mythological motifs, which are a true magnet for Instagram likes.

If you’re looking for a proper set for your next play or a centrepiece decoration for your party, we suggest you set the mood with light! We at RogLab don’t take shortcuts, though: participants will create their own projectors to illuminate the space with shapes, made of light.


This year marks the 50th anniversary of human kind's giant leap and Armstrong's own small step on the surface of the Moon. We'll comemorate the achievement and remind ourselves of the importance of innovation and science at this month's workshop, where we'll be making a small glowing moon.

Transform the single-use plastic bags that are crowding your drawers into a sustainable tote, made out of her single-use cousins. At the workshop, we’ll help you create a durable shopping bag, a purse or a phone case that will last a number of years.

/ adults

ROGoFlora is a robot nanny for your houseplants that notifies you about the level of moisture in their soil using a humidity metre.

Shadow theatre
/ adults

Select your very own theatre ensemble cast, dramatise your favourite script and use 3D technologies to act out a show of your own.

Introducing the holiday decorations that have it all: they’re mobile, wireless and make people get up on the dance floor! Participants of the workshop will create pulsating ornaments with in-built LED-lights that twinkle in rhythm.