Laser engraving on ceramics / Adults

About workshop

Do you also have plates and other ceramics at home that you rarely use or are they just remnants of an old china set? Do you still keep Grandma’s plate as sentiment and it doesn’t fit anywhere? What about the kitschy porcelain tray you hid at the bottom of the closet? Why throw this dish away if you can upcycle it and use it again as a decoration or as a gift!

At the workshop, together with your mentor Tanja Lažetić, you will discover different engraving methods that can be achieved by a laser cutter. You will draw your own motifs, convert them to a vector image and laser engrave them on ceramic items.

Each participant should bring her own pieces of ceramics (recommended up to 3 plates or other shallow pieces) that you want to engrave. The height limit of the ceramic product is 3 cm!

Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is intended for all lovers of reuse, upcycling, arts, and new technologies.

About the mentor

Tanja Lažetić is a multidisciplinary artist working with photography, video, ceramic, performance and the artist’s book. She graduated in Architecture from the University of Ljubljana. She won a variety of awards as is the third prize at the International Ceramic Triennial in Ljubljana (2015), the bronze prize at the Nanjing Festival in China (2015), and Rihard Jakopič Recognition (2017). In the last ten years, Lažetić published more than twenty artist’s books. Her book Whore has been featured in Phaidon’s The Photobook: A History, Volume III.

Skills required: none
Number of participants: 8
Goal: get acquainted with possibilities of laser engravings on ceramics  
Activities: drawing, converting to vector, laser engraving   
Skills acquired: basics of laser engraving
Materials: ceramics
Tools: pen, paper, computer, laser cutter
Mentor: Tanja Lažetić, Tomo Per
Duration: 4 hours

PCT requirements are in order!

To attend the training you need to have one of the following proofs:

  • proof of vaccination against COVID-19,
  • proof of negative PCR test or quick test against virus SARS-CoV-2, it cannot be older than 24 hours,
  • proof of positive PCR test that is not older than 10 days,  unless the medical doctor judges otherwise, but it cannot be older than 6 months,
  • proof of recovery from the COVID-19 virus, issued by a medical doctor.

All attendees of the workshop are asked to keep a safe distance, wear a facemask and sanitize hands before and after the workshop (hand sanitizer will be available at the location).


TRR: SI56 0126 1600 0002 804
Name and address: Kreativno središče Center Rog, Trubarjeva 72, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Purpose of payment: Name Surname (of the attendee)
Reference: 00 22-<date of the event>

At RogLab at Petkovškovo nabrežje 67, on workdays from 12 pm to 8 pm from Monday to Friday.

Payment serves as a confirmation of your application. Payments on the day of training incur an additional 5 EUR fee.